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Sophie Dingemans
Sensory-Motor Education, Rehabilitation and Self Developmentfor adults, teenagers, children and babies


with Feldenkrais Method® of Somatic Education
Advanced Training Theory and Techniques Anat Baniel Method for Children (ABM)
Jeremy Krauss Approach for Child development (JKA)

I ​help adults and children learn their way out of sensory-motor difficulties. I work with people with awide range of needs and I specialise in working with children and babies, especially those ​withspecial needs ​(atypical developmental and neurological needs).

In ​my work with adults​, besides working with recovery and rehabilitation from pain and injury, andprevention of injury and loss of function, I also specialise in the application of the method forcreative thinking and performance enhancement for professionals, recovery from anxiety andtrauma, and in working with issues to do with the pelvic floor.

Feldenkrais Method uses the power of neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to change) to improve oursensory-motor functioning. It does this by using movement to send new information to the brain andnervous system. This process restores or creates new neural connections and new possibilities forperception and movement.

Since moving forms the basis of everything we do – from breathing, sensing and perceiving to dailyactivities and high performance practices – improving how we move can also improve all areas ofour lives, including our ability to think, feel and act in the world.

For further details about my work and training please visit my website: ​
I can work in English and French, and am on my way to speaking German!


Main offers at Elixier:
Children, babies and teenagers
  • specialist movement and learning lessons for children and babies with special needs (atypical developmental and neurological needs)
  • coaching for parents and carers
  • sessions for typically developing children who need help overcoming challenges such as:rehabilitation from pain, injury or surgery; stress and anxiety; learning or behaviour difficulties
Rehabilitation and Recovery
  • chronic pain and tension, injury, accidents and surgery
  • pelvic floor rehabilitation for women and men
  • preparation and recovery for pregnancy and childbirth
  • stress, anxiety and trauma
  • postural and alignment difficulties, breathing difficulties, vision problems, perceptiondifficulties
  • people living with disabilities and special needs, such as neurological conditions, cerebralpalsy, brain injury and stroke recovery
Welling Being and Prevention
  • injury and loss of function prevention
  • finding more comfort and ease in day to day activities such as working at your desk,housework and exercise
  • moving with more comfort, stability and mobility as we age
  • feeling more powerful, connected and harmonious in your movements and behaviour
  • feeling more grounded and centred
  • developing self-awareness and increasing choices in your actions and behaviour
  • recovering more quickly from stress and developing resilience
Performance enhancement for
  • dancers, musicians, actors, singers, directors and choreographers
  • martial artists, yogis, athletes, sports players, sports coaches and fitness instructors
  • runners, hikers, walkers and swimmers
  • people engaged in exploring movement and function including osteopaths, BMCpractitioners, cranial-sacral therapists, massage therapists, Yoga teachers, Pilates teachers
  • leaders and innovators
  • those simply wishing to improve their performance and confidence in life


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